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Abasoga Nseete (AN)
Guidelines for formation/creation of Chapters

1. Members should meet the minimum requirements as stipulated in the AN chapter constitution.
2. A chapter shall be composed of a minimum of twenty (20) persons.
3. Every chapter shall present a letter of application for membership to AN, plus a duly signed constitution by the promoters/initial members of the chapter to the AN secretariat together with the full list of members.
4. Every chapter shall be affiliated to AN and will pay a membership fee of 100,000/= and annual subscription fees as shall be determined by AN annual general meeting.
5. Every chapter shall determine fees and subscriptions payable by its members.
6. AN reserves the right to admit and/or reject a chapters’ application for membership. Either way response will be in writing from AN specifying reasons in case of rejection.
7. Formation of chapters shall be based on the common bond principle such as area of residence, workplace, and /or other justifiable common interest

For more information,
please contact
Paul Luganda
National General Secretary Abasoga Nseete.

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