Due to the continuous movement and intermingling of the people within the Busoga region, the history of Basoga is complex. It can be asserted however that the earlier inhabitant of Busoga belonged to the same Bantu group comprising the Batooro and Baganda.Their origin can therefore be traced like other Bantu groups from the Katanga region of central Africa.
Tradition holds that the earliest inhabitants were the Langi, the Iteso and Bagisu. They were later engulfed by migrants from Buganda.
The earliest settlers in Busoga are said to have occupied lake shore areas of modern Bukoli.Nyanyumba’s Banyankole are believed to have been among these earliest inhabitants. These early settlements took place far back in the 14th century. They were later joined by other people from Mt. Elgon region. These people are said to have been led by kintu and are said to have settled in Bugabula and Bulamogi. They were later joined by others from Budama and some from kigulu in Kenya.

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